2014 LCF Model Winners “God is…Everything”

Bittersweet day last Saturday. So looking forward to photographing our three 2014 Lights|Camera|Fashion model winners for the God is…Everything Lookbook shoot. Bittersweet because this will more than likely be the last time we will photograph them together. Leah Margaret Strope and Laura Ann Higgs have been in the LCF model program for two years and are like family to us. And, last year Maddie Revelle joined the program and wowed the judges, becoming our top runway model—and she is just as adorable. They are all off to college in the fall, Maddie to UT Chatt, Leah Margaret to Ole Miss and Laura Ann to MTSU. So blessed to know and work with all three of them! And, what an awesome job on the shoot!! No wonder they were our model winners!

And, I don’t want to forget those awesome T’s and accessories! In case you aren’t   familiar with the God is…Everything brand, you should be. It all started about three years ago with a mission to “encourage and inspire you to think about the most important question in your life, what is God to you?” Delightful twins Erica Derickson Way and Maria Derickson Bobo along with their mom, are the founders and designers of the company. Each T-Shirt or accessory has a message—God is…Power; God is…Strength; God is…Wisdom—AND a Bible verse to accompany it. Not only a cute fashion piece, but more significantly, a thought provoking statement about what is REALLY important in this world.

Love the twins and their commitment to their purpose. Made for a fabulous day for Terry, Jenna and I, in spite of the heat and humidity!  And, special thanks to Dr. John and Mrs. Nancy Freeman for hosting our shoot at Green Frog Village—perfect backgrounds! Enjoy the results!

032-GodIs-060714-E 043-GodIs-060714-E 045-GodIs-060714-E 049-GodIs-060714-E 054-GodIs-060714-E 060-GodIs-060714-E 079-GodIs-060714-EVisit the God is…Everything Facebook page.

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